What Shelagh’s clients are saying…

“Attending Shelagh’s workshop gave me a chance to focus on me for a change, to look at my dreams and aspirations and work out what was holding me back.”

I had been through some tough times in the year leading up to the workshop and was recovering from flu, so it’s safe to say I was pretty low. Shelagh was so welcoming and has such a calming approach that it felt safe for me to finally be honest with myself.

Working through the exercises as part of a small group was not easy for me, but the end of the day brought a new resolution to put myself first and get to the bottom of my repeated bouts of depression once and for all. This has led me to continue on and release many old patterns and unhealthy beliefs that have kept me stuck for years and years.

I have been to lots of self-developments workshops over the years, but this one was DIFFERENT!

Shelagh’s workshop was the start of my new life and I will be forever grateful for that day”

Cindy Davis. Life Coach, Gloucestershire


“Thank you for such a wonderful day on your  course…it was so LIBERATING!”

The venue was beautiful, lunch was delicious and it was great to meet up with like minded ladies  in such a relaxed environment. We started out as strangers, but within a short time were sharing things and  bouncing ideas off each other, it was so liberating, I felt as if all my cob webs had been blown away and  I left feeling content, motivated and ready to make changes in my life, for me.

You are a true professional in your field, but more than that you have the right mix of compassion, friendliness and confidence that made the day one to remember.

Elaine Morgan, Nurse, Herefordshire


A Very Powerful Day to Stop and Take Stock,”

“A very powerful day to stop and take stock; the sharing aspect was surprisingly helpful. I love that I have come away with the physical tools to help me stay on track with the things I have learnt.”

Tabitha James-Kraan, Tabitha JK Organic Hairdressing


“Positive Impact On Our Lives”

Thank you very much for the course of Autogenic Therapy that you taught us. I am extremely grateful for the kindness you showed us earlier this year and the positive impact it has had on our lives.

“My nine year old daughter had been suffering from anxiety attacks over a number of weeks and was rapidly loosing her self confidence. She was feeling vulnerable and small things would knock her for six. It also started to affect her bedtime routine and the quality of her sleep.

Shelagh was fantastic with Lauren and gave her the building blocks to build her normal resilience back up.

Autogenic Therapy is a technique for teaching ourselves deep relaxation in short bursts. Something our, and often our children’s busy lives does not allow enough time for. Shelagh immediately related to Lauren and Lauren was very receptive to Shelagh’s calm teaching method. Each week we learnt a new technique to practice at home and this became a lovely way for Lauren and I to relax together too just before bedtime.

You also learn how to complete shorter bursts of deep relaxation, which you can practice during the day allowing you to feel energized and ready to face new challenges.

This is a technique, which would be extremely beneficial for students about to take important exams or within the work place when you are about to face an important appraisal or presentation.

I cannot recommend highly enough the Autogenic Therapy course. Shelagh is a wonderful person who is incredibly selfless and hopes that others will share in her passion for what can only be described as a powerful tool in our busy working and studying lives.”

Lauren has been so much better and less frustrated with small things in life since we started Autogenic Therapy.

 Amanda Houghton-Brown, Teacher Gloucestershire


 “The Day Exceeded My Expectations

“The RenewYou day exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

The structure of the day was well thought out and the topics covered were relevant, revealing and empowering. Shelagh and the RenewYou journal (an unexpected bonus and brilliant tool to help us continue our journey!) walked us through a day of revelation, sharing, helpful discussion and exercises (using our brains not bodies!)

I am more than thankful that I attended today’s seminar and look forward to putting all I have learned to good use.”

Susie Mackie, Wedding & Boudoir Photographer

“100% improved”

“When I first started working with Shelagh I was fairly sceptical about it but was willing to give it a try as I had felt so ill for such a long period of time.

Shelagh is professional, warm and welcoming and made me feel relaxed from the start. After one day, I have to say I was pretty shocked as I noticed an improvement in my health immediately. I have been seeing Shelagh for a few weeks now and we have dealt with quite a few issues boxed away from the past that I have never dealt with properly. We have revisited these times in a gentle and safe environment and dealt with them during the session which has been really therapeutic.

My health is 100% improved. My confidence is increasing and I am feeling much more positive about things to come. I have recommended Shelagh to friends and will continue to recommend her to everyone.”

C. Perry Gloucestershire

“Touched Every Aspect Of My Life In A Positive Way”

“After working with you I have not looked back. The difference it had made to my life is amazing, not only has my health improved but it seems to have touched every aspect of my life in a positive way.  I can\\\\\\\’t thank you enough.”

A. Davis NHS London

“Best Practitioner”

“Thank you so much for all your time, love and patience teaching me. I know you are the best practitioner.”

Christine, Artist, Worcestershire

“Panic Attacks Gone”

“Thank you Shelagh for all you have done in helping me so kindly and patiently. Working with you has made such a difference to my life; I am now free to go about my day without a second thought.

All the places that I used to avoid because of my panic attacks no longer frighten me. Having always been such an anxious person I always held back from doing things because of fear. Now I am much more confident and actually look forward to trying new things.

You will be happy to know that using the techniques that you taught me, I have even conquered my fear of flying and not only flew to Greece but actually enjoyed the flight. None of this would have been possible without your help. I can’t thank you enough.”

Celia, NHS London