Are You Tired of Feeling…
Stressed, Exhausted, Unwell

Are You Ready to Feel…
Relaxed, Invigorated, Healthier

Learn how the Natural, Simple, yet Powerful practice of AUTOGENIC THERAPY will transform your Life, Health and Wellbeing, as it supports the body’s natural resources.

When practiced regularly it Reduces the harmful Effects of Stress; Increases Your Energy and Vitality for Life; Enhances Your Health, Confidence and Wellbeing.

Allow me to guide and support you through the process during this 10 week course, while you learn to make Autogenic Therapy a natural part of your life.

“Autogenic Therapy has transformed my life; I am more Confident, the Panic Attacks have gone.”
Celia Draper NHS London

Autogenic Therapy has Touched Every Aspect Of My Life In A Positive Way”
A.Davis NHS London

Ready to Enhance Your Life… 

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Are You Tired of Feeling….
Trapped, Emotional, Depressed

Are You Ready to Feel…
Free, Balanced, Happy

Experience the power of releasing negative, stored emotions using Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Every event in our lives leaves its mark, continues to impact on us and has the power to damage our health and long term wellbeing.

What negative or painful memories are you carrying around and being weighed down by? Are you ready to off load these, so that they no longer prevent you from moving forward and enjoying the life you deserve?

I will work closely with you to identify what is holding you back, support and guide you through the process to safely and effectively release these using these transformational processes.

“My health is 100% improved. My confidence is increasing and I am feeling much more positive.”
Cathy Perry Instructor Cheltenham

Ready to Enhance Your Life…

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One Day That Lasts a Lifetime!opr1-RE-NEW YOU LOGO_A4-02

Are You Tired of feeling…
Stagnant, Overlooked, Uninspired

Are You Ready to Feel…
Motivated, Noticed, Inspired

RenewYou is an amazing one day Personal Development course for women. The day allows you to Refocus on what matters most to you. It will help you to consider issues in your Career, Relationships and other areas of your Personal Life.

You leave feeling Confident, Inspired, Rejuvenated and ready to take charge of your life.

“I’ve been to lots of self development workshops over the years, but this one was DIFFERENT! Shelagh’s workshop was the start of my new life and I will be forever grateful for that day.”
Cindy Davis. Life Coach, Gloucestershire

Ready to Enhance Your Life…

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The Renew You course is copyright and delivered under license from Changing People Ltd.


Are You Feeling…
Overwhelmed, Exhausted, Uninspired

Are You ready to Feel…
Refreshed, Invigorated, Inspired

Come out in the Fresh Air and join our growing community with Cotswold Natural Mindfulness. You will experience an amazingly different way to Walk, one that will Positively Impact on every aspect of your Health, providing a Potent dose of Natural Wellbeing.

Allow yourself to be guided as we explore the beautiful Natural World of the Cotswolds. It provides a Powerful opportunity to Reconnect with your inner self, by Mindfully experiencing our natural surroundings. You will leave feeling Connected, Refreshed and Inspired.

Ready to Invigorate Your Life…

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LIFE IS PRECIOUS! You deserve a Happy, Healthy, Harmonious one, so Invest in Yours.

YOU ARE PRECIOUS! Give your self the gift of time to step away, review what is holding you back and discover your hidden potential.

Doing so will  enable you to Start your Journey of Discovery and Transformation. You will be Rewarded with a life that is Happier, Healthier and more Harmonious where you can embrace every moment fully.

Are you Ready to Learn…

Natural ways to Enhance your Health and Wellbeing, Create ripples of Change in your life and Discover                        your Hidden Potential.

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I look forward to sharing the journey with you.